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Angels Sing: Libera in America

Angels Sing: Libera in America

Recorded Live in Washington at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

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28 July Christchurch, UK
Christchurch Priory
05 August Osaka, JP
Universal Studios

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27 July Exeter, UK
Exeter Cathedral
16 May Guildford, UK
Guildford Cathedral
10 April Atlanta, GA, US
The Woodruff Center Symphony Hall

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Behind the Scenes: Libera in America

Behind the Scenes - filming our DVD Angels Sing:  Libera in America

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What a Wonderful World

Remembering the victims of child labour in the...

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Rest in Peace

As part of the BBC commemoration of the...

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April 23rd, 2015


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February 12th, 2015

A Message from Isaac

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July 15th, 2015

Libera Christmas in Summer at Universal Studios Japan

Libera is honored to hold a special premiere concert at Universal Studios Japan. The concert will...

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July 03rd, 2015

UK Concerts

We have announced two concerts in the UK.  We will be performing in Exeter Cathedral on 27th...

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June 17th, 2015

Korea Tour Postponed

With great sadness, Libera and Seoul Arts Management have to announce that due to the MERS...

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 Jul 27th, 2015 Tony

Tonight's concert in Exeter Cathedral was outstanding. From start to finish the boys smashed all of the songs. The soloists were superb, the anecdotes that were jotted in allowed for some funny moments. Really looking forward now to the next concert that I can attend.

 Jul 27th, 2015 Kaetlyn

Well, it's almost time for the first UK concert. Have a fantastic day, good luck, and remember to be brilliant! You all shouldn't have any problems with that last bit. Also, congrats on the new partnership! Perhaps we'll be hearing more about it in the future? But for now, I'm off to sleep and you all have some rehearsals to finish up. Au revoir my lovelies! Until next time. God Bless and Take Care ^_^ XXKaetlyn

 Jul 26th, 2015 Don, Friend of Libera, Virginia, USA

We love your visits here in America and are looking forward to your up-coming tours. But be assured, we are also keeping up with your other activities (like the two July concerts at home) and we continue to listen every day. Your new partnership with CompassionUK fits so well with the Libera message, “Love and Mercy”. Children reaching out to help children; there’s no better lesson in hope. I know all of Libera’s friends and supporters are keeping you in their thoughts as you travel to visit Japan. I’m sure your Japanese friends are waiting anxiously. Best wishes for a safe and happy journey. Your excellent harmonies and friendly smiles are a joyful presence wherever you go. Perhaps “Joyful, Joyful” says it better! Thanks to the entire Libera Family for making Libera what it is and for sharing. Especially for the younger Libera boys who are not yet traveling: Keep practicing, keep learning, keep supporting your older brothers. Your turn is coming! We are proud of all of you.

 Jul 22nd, 2015 Gary in Florida

Wow! Your connection with CompassionUK is definitely exciting! I pray for you all, but I never expected this. (I guess God's allowed to surprise us occasionally!). Another famous Brit, William Cowper, put it this way in his hymn God Moves in a Mysterious Way: 'Deep in unfathomable mines of never-failing skill, he treasures up his bright designs and works his sovereign will'. Congratulations and kudos to two splendid organizations.

 Jul 15th, 2015 Tomm Simpson

I'm so glad that you made a recording of this version of Danny Boy. Mr. Prizeman's arrangement and the boys performance of this song was for me one of the highlights of last spring's American tour. It was especially so in Boston, where I was sitting right next to the stage where Isaac began his solo. When the others drifted into position to add their harmonies, I could hear each voice from it's source rather than through the sound system. It was an incredibly memorable experience. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. Tomm Toronto