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July 25th, 2014

WW1 Filming

As part of the BBC commemoration of the centenary of World War 1, Libera travelled to France and...

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July 01st, 2014

USA Visit Summer 2014

Read about our forthcoming visit to the USA in the Summer

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April 05th, 2014

Arundel Concert

Announcing a concert in Arundel Cathedral on 10th May 2014.  Tickets will go on sale at 2pm UK...

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07 August Washington, DC, US
The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
10 May Arundel, UK
Arundel Cathedral
16 April Morristown, New Jersey, US
Mayo Performing Arts Center
15 April New York, NY, US
Church of the Incarnation
19 December Los Angeles, US
NBC - The Tonight Show

Libera to visit Washington DC

Libera boys talk about their upcoming visit to Washington DC

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Danny Boy

Recorded live in Armagh Cathedral.

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May 23rd, 2014

USA in the Spring

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November 05th, 2013

Phancy Philippines Part 2

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November 01st, 2013

Phancy Philippines - Manila

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Thanks to all at the Basilica of The National Shrine for your warm welcome this evening #LiberaUSA @MarysShrine

8th August

Our concert is underway at the Basilica Of The National Shrine. Thanks to all who have come to join us. #LiberaUSA

8th August

Great lighting being prepared for our concert in the Basilica Of The National Shrine. #LiberaUSA

6th August

We will be opening the door for the Technical Run of our concert in the Basilica of The National Shrine on 6th August at 7pm.

5th August

Sightseeing in Washington. If you see us out and about tweet your pics #LiberaUSA

5th August

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 Aug 15th, 2014 Sue & Zara

Heaven Touches Earth In A Libera Concert... Heaven Touches earth in a Libera concert... intersecting like Venn diagrams. Last week my 19 year-old daughter and I were transported to a p-review of heaven at the Libera concert in the National Catholic Basilica in Washington DC. It's her very favorite group, and mine, too. It was incredible -- about 30 British boys of many heritages, ages 9-16 -- dressed in flowing floor-length white robes, singing like angels in a marvelously vibrant acoustical space (100 foot high ? domed ceilings)... A preview of Heaven! Our favorite was 'Sanctus' -- pure cascading waterfalls of radiant treble voices in harmony, singing a Latin-worded version of Pachelbel's Canon with dynamic joy. Gives one hope for the human race! Looking for it on PBS in March 2015, and a DVD. THANK YOU! Sue and Zara Miller, Durham, North Carolina (about a five hour drive.)

 Aug 15th, 2014 Catherine A.

Another brilliant concert last week, can't wait for the DVD! Cheers from Asia :)

 Aug 9th, 2014 Terry Tschopp

Dear Libera: Thanks again for a GREAT Concert in DC. Glad your home safe and I am very happy you guys had a good time whilst here. God Bless, Terry

 Aug 9th, 2014 Danny

I felt sooooo bad when your concert in New Jersey, USA was canceled, during Holy Week; BUT.. when I found out about your being in Wash. CD. @ the National Shrine of the Inmmac. Conception, I immediately got my tickets. YOU BOYS WERE GREAT!!! And I got my Moose. Thanks for singing for us; have fun for the rest of your stay and have a safe trip home. God bless you. Danny

 Aug 8th, 2014 Kaetlyn

Words cannot describe how upset I am that I didn't get to see you all in concert! I longed to be able to attend, but sadly it was not meant to be. Oh well. Maybe next year I'll be able to go see you in South London rather than you all coming here. Not that we don't want you all back. This most recent concert was a very special surprise, and we are so happy that you all decided to grace us with your presences. Even though I was not there, I know the concert was amazing, as usual (I say that a lot don't I). Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed your time in our great nation's capitol Washington, DC.! Oh and before I suggestion time. Check out CBS Children's Choir (Seoul, Korea) Heal the World. I would put a link of it here, but I don't know if that is allowed. Hope you all have a safe trip back home! God Bless and Take Care ^_^ XXKaetlyn