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February 05th, 2015

What a Wonderful world - Out Today

Our brand new single "What a Wonderful World" is released today.  This is a song from our...

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February 02nd, 2015

USA Tour Posters

Posters for our USA Spring Tour are available.  Do you live in one of these areas?  Print off a...

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January 31st, 2015

What a Wonderful World

Our brand new single "What a Wonderful World" will be released on 6th February.  This is a song...

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Concert Calendar see all 6 new events

01 April Boston, MA, US
The Wilbur Theatre
02 April Washington DC, US
Warner Theatre
04 April San Antonio, US
Tobin Center for the Performing Arts
08 April Chicago, IL, US
Arcada Theatre
10 April Atlanta, GA, US
The Woodruff Center Symphony Hall
16 May Guildford, UK
Guildford Cathedral

What a Wonderful World

Remembering the victims of child labour in the...

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Rest in Peace

As part of the BBC commemoration of the...

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December 31st, 2014

What a wonderful world ….?

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February 12th, 2015

A Message from Isaac

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October 31st, 2014

Wonderful Washington – Part 3

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Here's another mini preview of our new album - due out on monday 2nd March - we hope you like it:

27th February

Our new album is due out on monday - that's the 2nd March - and we can't wait for you to hear it.

27th February

Thanks so much to all of those people who have already placed an order. Not much longer to wait...

27th February

As a small token of our gratitude - here is a preview of 'Prayer' from our forthcoming album. We hope you like it:

25th February

A massive thank you to everyone who has preordered the CD and/or DVD in some shape or form. We can't wait for you to hear / see it.

25th February

Latest release

What a Wonderful World (Single)

What a Wonderful World (Single)

Our version of Louis Armstrong’s Classic - available from iTunes

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 Feb 27th, 2015 Tom M.

Looking forward to seeing you for first time in person in Boston on April 1. We have tickets near the front so we don't miss anything. Understand you will be promoting new album while on tour. But Mr. Prizeman. millions of us with Irish background in Boston and New England are hoping you will include "Danny Boy" in your Boston program. Think this would prove to be a nice tribute to all our immigrant ancestors who sacrificed so much and braved a sometimes treacherous voyage for the chance at a new beginning with the knowledge they would likely never see family ever again. My best to all! Tom

 Feb 25th, 2015 Ed

Hi, When you come back to the Netherlands. You have been here once already in Leiden for the recording of the DVD -ANGELS-VOICES LIBERA in CONCERT. There are a lot of fans in the Netherlands. I look forward to the DVD ,ANGELS in AMERICA. Pleace come back to the Neherlands. Regards, Ed

 Feb 25th, 2015 Kaetlyn

Hello my lovelies! Okay all were in my dream last night. It was the strangest dream ever. Like, all of you were dressed casually and the older boys were playing guitars. And Josh was singing 'I won't give up' by Jason Mraz.... But that's not even the strangest part. You all were with the cast of The Foster's. Ever heard of it? If not, you should check it out. Great show. Anyways.....I watched the video of you all singing The Prayer. Two words. Isaac. London. Need I say more? Five days is entirely too long to wait for the new album, but I'm willing to be patient. Have a marvelous evening boys, and I shall be back soon. Love To All! God Bless and Take Care. ^_^ XXKaetlyn

 Feb 24th, 2015 Paul Viloria

I am still trying to get my ticket for your Chicago Concert and also getting my visit visa to pass the border. I live in Canada, if you're wondering, and during this time of the year, people travel to the US a lot so its hard to get it. The good thing is that I have my Aunt's house to stay. I am really excited for your Concert. I can't wait. Have a good week guys. Cheers, Paul

 Feb 23rd, 2015 B. Ling

It is nice to have a chance to hear Libera singing in DVD. I can't wait to purchase this item. I hope that i can hear more solo to discover more boys' unique voices. If it is possible, please come to Hong Kong.