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July 25th, 2014

WW1 Filming

As part of the BBC commemoration of the centenary of World War 1, Libera travelled to France and...

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July 01st, 2014

USA Visit Summer 2014

Read about our forthcoming visit to the USA in the Summer

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April 05th, 2014

Arundel Concert

Announcing a concert in Arundel Cathedral on 10th May 2014.  Tickets will go on sale at 2pm UK...

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Recent Events

07 August Washington, DC, US
The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
10 May Arundel, UK
Arundel Cathedral
16 April Morristown, New Jersey, US
Mayo Performing Arts Center
15 April New York, NY, US
Church of the Incarnation
19 December Los Angeles, US
NBC - The Tonight Show

Libera to visit Washington DC

Libera boys talk about their upcoming visit to Washington DC

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Danny Boy

Recorded live in Armagh Cathedral.

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May 23rd, 2014

USA in the Spring

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November 05th, 2013

Phancy Philippines Part 2

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November 01st, 2013

Phancy Philippines - Manila

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Thanks to all at the Basilica of The National Shrine for your warm welcome this evening #LiberaUSA @MarysShrine

8th August

Our concert is underway at the Basilica Of The National Shrine. Thanks to all who have come to join us. #LiberaUSA

8th August

Great lighting being prepared for our concert in the Basilica Of The National Shrine. #LiberaUSA

6th August

We will be opening the door for the Technical Run of our concert in the Basilica of The National Shrine on 6th August at 7pm.

5th August

Sightseeing in Washington. If you see us out and about tweet your pics #LiberaUSA

5th August

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Angels Sing: Christmas in Ireland

Angels Sing: Christmas in Ireland

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 Sep 8th, 2014 Siegfried Gerken

What a choir! Thanx for that.

 Sep 5th, 2014 Moira S.

Dear Libera, Hi!!! I'm a 14 year old girl from Manila, Philippines. I am aware that you guys visited the Philippines four times already. I often get upset because I didn't get to see any of your concerts yet because I'm always busy, but I did see you guys on Philippine TV like Showtime, ASAP Rocks and Myx. I've been listening to nothing but your music nowadays. I'm sort off a crazy fan. I sure do hope you guys could come back here and if you do, I'll probably be the first one to buy a ticket :)) -Moira S.

 Aug 29th, 2014 Martin Mayhew

Hi you guys at Libera, thanks for your wonderful singing. I was wondering whether when your next concert in Arundel or London next year. You probably don't know yet. Also I'm letting you know that there are some rip offs selling your cds and DVDs for very inflated prices. You probably can't do anything about it, however I'm just letting you know

 Aug 25th, 2014 David. M. Williams:              (71):

I am actually very fond of LIBERA;- : I have two grown-up 'children' ~ 1 of each ~ in their early 40s ~ & they have young children; my grandchildren!! I've got all the Libera CDs & DVDs; & I will be getting both CD & DVD of the concert in Washington DC ~ recorded a few wks ago:The only CD I don't have is the Xmas CD matching the DVD of Xmas/2013:

 Aug 22nd, 2014 Georges Pichette

I'm a french Canadian from Québec city. I sang with choir for over 25 years and love your group very much. In 2015 it will be a 100 years birthday of the oldest choir in America, "La maîtrise des petits chanteurs de Québec." If you plan a spring tour think east part of Canada. Again, i find your choir extaordinary, best regards.