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Libera in Japan

November 06th, 2015 by Libera Boys


We had woken up, eaten some classic Japanese seafood for breakfast and jumped on the coach. A normal Libera morning but what was not normal about today was the fact that today we (us) would be going to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! This was going to be amazing! But it was so much better than we had expected. A massive globe depicting the theme park logo. Anyways the second most notable thing was sound. And I don't mean the music. No. I'm talking about the screaming, chattering and shouting that made our ears bleed. (Our ears have since recovered). We travelled through the park to see the main attraction, the Harry Potter Studio -and it was totes amaze.


When we got there there was a sudden silence. Everyone stood still, the Harry Potter soundtrack was playing loudly and the scenes were breathtaking. The Lake was shining, the Hogwarts Castle stood proud on the hill and Hogsmeade was full of gleeful chatter. We were taken on a walkthrough and were given a tour, while being stalked by men holding cameras. It soon came to lunchtime and for lunch we re-lived the great feast, which was the welcoming meal for each of the first years at Hogwarts. After we had a rehearsal and headed back to a restaurant in the sky called ..... The Sky Buffer. So, a normal day for us Liberarians.


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