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Grasshopper Gremlin

September 03rd, 2016 by Peter

A Report from Peter

If you were looking very carefully when we sang at World Youth Day, you might have spotted a large dark shape on my robe, which then started moving ………..and crawling up my robe………. !

To be honest, I didn’t realise there was anything there until the dark shape reached my neck and I felt it ticking me – so I quickly brushed it off.

What could this have been to attack my robe at such an important moment?

It turned out to be an enormous grasshopper!

I came off the stage feeling all tingly from it crawling up my neck.

With Grasshopper

After our Libera song, we came back on stage for the finale with all the artists and I was surprised to find the same grasshopper crawling up the microphone we were going to sing into! Fortunately for us (but not for the grasshopper) when I brushed it off, one of the grasshopper’s legs was accidentally broken which meant it couldn’t jump from the top of the microphone onto one of our robes again – which of course it probably wanted to do. I wonder how the future will be for the grasshopper now.

We named this evil grasshopper ‘The Giant Neck Lettuce”. This may sound like quite an odd name for a grasshopper, but I’ll explain. We said ‘Giant Lettuce’ because there was a name ‘Letus’ on some of the TV equipment, and we said ‘Neck’ because it crawled all the way up my robe until it reached my neck. Although the sensation of a grasshopper crawling all the way up my neck wasn’t very nice, at least it wasn’t a giant wasp – and I really had a great time at World Youth Day and enjoyed every second of it!

Without Grasshopper


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Grasshopper Gremlin

A Report from Peter

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